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Pledge to Protect

Franklin County is committed to creating a clean, safe and healthy environment for residents and visitors as we reopen our businesses and organizations following COVID-19 restrictions.

Coronavirus doesn’t take a vacation, but it does travel. Everyone is going to have to do their part to make sure that we minimize the spread of the virus moving forward. This means continuing to observe social distancing, wearing masks in places where social distancing is difficult, and following good hygiene practices. Most of all, be respectful and kind to others.

Local businesses listed below have taken the Pledge to Protect and are stepping up to protect others.

What is Pledge to Protect?
Forgotten Coast Pledge to ProtectAdopted by the Franklin County Department of Health and the Tourist Development Council as a priority initiative, Pledge to Protect is a voluntary program in which Franklin County tourism businesses commit to clean and healthy standards for their guests and employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

By taking the Pledge to Protect, businesses are committing to:

  • Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting of Surfaces and Equipment
  • Practicing Social Distancing and Minimized Contact
  • Enforcing Any Sick Employees to Stay Home
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I'm a hospitality business owner in Franklin County. How do I take the Pledge to Protect?
Take the Pledge to Protect by emailing your interest to This page will be updated with new businesses every Thursday afternoon.

How will customers know that I've taken the Pledge to Protect?
Pledge to Protect PlacematIn addition to being listed on this page and receiving free advertising as a participating hospitality business, you will receive free items (while supplies last) to indicate to customers that you have taken this extra step to ensure the safety and well being of guests and employees

The City of Apalachicola, City of Carrabelle, Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce and Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce urge local businesses to take the Pledge to Protect!

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