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Winter 2022 Fishing Report

By Forgotten Coast Web Team | December 21, 2022


Provided by Fisherman’s ChoiceThe Sportsman’s Headquarters of Florida’s Forgotten Coast since 1993. Fisherman’s Choice is a locally owned and operated bait and tackle shop that offers a wide variety of bait and tackle for deep sea, inshore/offshore, bay, and freshwater fishing.

Inshore Fishing:

Winter waters are perfect for inshore and bay fishing on the Forgotten Coast. Try fishing for Sheepshead near the bridges this season. Small pieces of shrimp and small sturdy shank hooks with 30lb leader will do the trick. Stir the fish up by scraping the bridge pilings before you throw in your line.

Offshore/Deep Sea Fishing:

Mangrove snapper, lane snapper, Key West grunts and black sea bass are in season this winter for offshore fishing. You can target these species with small hooks and little pieces of squid as bait, using light tackle, 30 lb. fluorocarbon leader and 3/0 circle hook. Target the areas outside of the big wrecks and ledges, otherwise the bigger fish hanging out in the wrecks and ledges will break off your line all day long.

Light line and small hooks are key for catching mangrove snapper. Chum the waters by throwing in bait chunks. They will swim up and become visible. At this point, throw a small piece of bait on a hook near them. Mangrove snapper can be picky biters, but this is the best time to catch a lot of them.

Though they are out of season, big red snapper and gag grouper are much closer to shore this time of year. While you cannot keep these species this time of year, you can have fun catching and releasing them like crazy, four or five miles offshore.

Freshwater Fishing:

Winter is also a superb time of year for freshwater fishing in Franklin County. 

The Apalachicola River system offers plenty of fertile fishing spots, and you can catch bass, bream, and stripers in many parts of the Apalachicola River.

Guided Fishing:

If you want to catch loads of fish this winter, book a charter on the Forgotten Coast! Whether you prefer to fish inshore or offshore, one of these experienced local guides can help you land a boatload of fish.

Photo credits: @meetthebreedloves