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Get Your Meat On in Apalachicola

By Forgotten Coast Web Team | January 19, 2022

Barbecue Contestants at the Butts and Clucks Cookoff

Calling all barbecue enthusiasts, foodies, and those looking for something fun to do!  Don’t let the dull drum January days get you down.  Why not take a road trip to Apalachicola, and get outside in the cool, sunny winter weather?  You can soak up some sunny Vitamin D, eat delicious food, and watch the best barbecue chefs in the region do their magic at the 5th Annual Butts and Clucks Competition.  

This 2-day competition is at Battery Park in Apalachicola on Friday, January 21st, and Saturday, January 22nd.  Around 50 teams compete in this Florida BBQ Association sanctioned competition for $12,000 in prizes and, of course, bragging rights.  Teams and contestants will face the Sweet Smoke Q BBQ Sauce competition, the Mystery Box Open competition, and four meat categories: Chicken, Ribs, Pork Butt, and Brisket. 

Everyone is welcome to join the fun on Saturday, January 22nd.  There will be a small stage with live music in the afternoon and food trucks and vendors selling everything from seafood to donuts and snow cones, and hamburgers and hot dogs, to, what else, barbecue!

Are you a barbecue-tasting connoisseur?  A limited number of VIP tickets are for sale, giving access to the People’s Choice tent, where ticket holders will be able to sample the competition barbecue and vote for their favorite.  

Looking for another way to participate?  You could try your luck Saturday in the Cluck that Came from the Butt Contest.  This deviled egg contest is open to everyone.  You’ll need six deviled eggs (that’s 3 eggs cut in half) and a $5 registration fee.  Officials will judge the deviled eggs on taste/texture and creativity.  

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to surround yourself with heavenly smells, live music, and barbecue! Reserve a place to stay and pack your picnic blankets and camping chairs!  The Butts and Clucks Barbecue Competition in Apalachicola is the place to be on January 22nd.