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Surf, Skim, Paddle: Boards on the Forgotten Coast

By Forgotten Coast Web Team | March 18, 2021

Surf, Skim, Paddle- Boards on the Forgotten Coast

Your party has arrived for your beach vacation.  Everyone is bursting with energy and excitement to get out and explore the beautiful waters here on the Forgotten Coast.  Why not burn some energy and try your hand surfing while you are here?  Take lessons or just figure it out.  Everyone is a beginner at some point, and our mostly gentle, warm waters offer a non-intimidating environment for everyone.


The Forgotten Coast may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of wave action surfing, but you will see surfers paddling out here and there all over the Forgotten Coast.  Most of the time, surfers are just out in the water having fun and catching waves as they can.  Several of our beach supplies vendors have surfboards for rent or purchase.

Surfing on St George Island FL


Bodyboarding is a fun and non-threatening avenue into riding waves.  The surfer rides a bodyboard on the curl of the wave and is carried toward the shore.  Many bodyboarders wear fins to get them to the wave faster and try tricks, including getting up on one knee or even standing.  Catching waves on a bodyboard is not a requirement; they are fun just to kick around and float on in the water.  Seasoned vacationers consider bodyboards a must-have in beach vacation gear.

Bodyboarding on St George Island Florida


Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) has become the fastest-growing watersport.  Why?  Almost everyone can do it!  From yoga class to fishing to paddling your pup through the water, stand up paddleboarding is about spending time outdoors.  It’s relaxing and a great core workout all in one.  Here you can paddleboard in the calm Apalachicola Bay or any number of locations from Carrabelle Beach and off of St. George Island beach.  Take a lesson, stand, sit, lay down, mountain pose, or just search for marine life.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself paddling among dolphins and sea turtles.  They are common in our gorgeous waters.

Paddleboarding on St George Island Florida

Paddle Surfing

Paddle surfing is much like it sounds.  Surfers paddle out on a paddleboard, catch a wave and ride it in vertically.  Paddle surfing is much less intimidating than regular surfing for several reasons.  You benefit from a paddle to get you to the wave you want to catch, and paddleboards will hold all shapes and fitness levels—no need to have an athlete’s physique to surf the waves with paddle surfing.

Paddle Surfing on St George Island Florida


Skimboarding is fun to learn.  Skimboarding or skimming is hydroplaning on a small thin board into an incoming wave and riding it back to shore.  Our beaches are perfect for learning because we have soft sand and warm water.  Local Chip Sanders, a Skim USA Champion, offers a variety of lessons from skimboarding to skateboarding in Apalachicola, and you can rent or purchase skim boards from a number of places on the Forgotten Coast.

Skimboarding on St George Island FL
IG: @gnarlychip

We have many ways to use a board here, and you can rent or purchase anything from skimboards to traditional surfboards.  Surf conditions and weather can be finicky, so it’s up to you to make safety a priority.  Always check the current weather conditions and the beach flag status before you or your loved ones venture out into our waters.