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Exploring Coastal Treasures: Franklin County’s Lighthouses

By Forgotten Coast Web Team | April 22, 2024

St. George Lighthouse and Visitor Center

Franklin County, nestled along Florida’s Forgotten Coast, holds within its shores tales of maritime history and resilience. Two iconic structures stand as beacons of this rich heritage, guiding visitors through time and tide: the Cape St. George Lighthouse and the Crooked River Lighthouse. Let’s delve into their stories and discover why these historic landmarks are must-visit destinations.

Cape St. George Lighthouse

The saga of the Cape St. George Lighthouse is one of perseverance and community spirit. Originally erected in 1833, its early incarnations faced the wrath of nature’s fury. Despite hurricanes and beach erosion, the light stood tall, a testament to the tenacity of those who relied upon it. However, in 2005, the inevitable occurred, and the lighthouse succumbed to the relentless sea.

But from the wreckage rose a phoenix of hope in 2008. Through a remarkable collaborative effort, the lighthouse was reborn on St. George Island. Original elements, painstakingly restored, breathe life into its historic charm once more. Today, visitors can explore the Cape St. George Lighthouse and its accompanying museum, immersing themselves in the maritime legacy that defines this coastal community.

Crooked River Lighthouse

Standing tall since 1895, the Crooked River Lighthouse has long stood watch over the waters. Its journey has been one of evolution from active service to a cherished landmark. Decommissioned in 1995, its preservation became a mission embraced by the Carrabelle Lighthouse Association and the City of Carrabelle.

Through dedication and support, this sentinel of the sea was restored to its former glory, offering a glimpse into the past for present-day visitors. The adjacent Keeper’s House, meticulously recreated, serves as a gateway to history, housing artifacts and exhibits that transport visitors to a bygone era.

Experience the Magic: Full Moon Climbs

As if their history wasn’t enchanting enough, both lighthouses offer a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of the night sky. Full moon climbs, a beloved tradition, invite visitors to ascend the stairs and behold panoramic views under the glow of the moon. Visit our event calendar to view upcoming Full Moon Climbs!

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