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Enjoy the Forgotten Coast at Your Own Pace: Take a Self-Guided Tour

By Forgotten Coast Web Team | December 2, 2021

Aerial View of St. George Island, FL

Vacationing on the Forgotten Coast is all about spending time with family and loved ones, enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery, and feeling a part of the slow-paced old Florida life. What better way to enjoy and explore our area than a self-guided tour and the freedom to go at your own pace?


Apalachicola Museum Trail Tour and Map
This self-guided tour features Apalachicola’s museums, parks, and historic sites. Get a general history of Apalachicola by reading the brochure and spend at least a day exploring!

Chestnut Street Cemetery Walking Tour
Even if you are not a fan of cemeteries, you will find this resting place beautiful, eerie, and inspiring. The walk, taking around 30 minutes, reveals many who played a part in Apalachicola’s fascinating story.

Historic Apalachicola City Squares Walking Tour
Historic Apalachicola’s streets and squares model a grid similar to the city of Philadelphia. This tour will have you leisurely wandering through Apalachicola’s squares and thinking about what has changed and what hasn’t changed over the past 100 years.

Historic Apalachicola Walking Tour
This is self-guided tour encompasses the long history of Apalachicola and will have you discovering many of our historic homes and parks.

Walk the Hill Walking Tour
This walking tour features an app you can download to listen to stories and information about Apalachicola’s original African American Community.


Snapshot Self-Guided Tour of Carrabelle
Tour the Carrabelle River Walk and Wharf, visit the World’s Smallest Police Station or one of the impressive history museums, and get a snapshot of Carrabelle from past to present.

Forgotten Coast

Lighthouse Driving Tour
Take some time to visit the beautiful and historic lighthouses on the Forgotten Coast. While stunning to take in from the grounds, climbing to the top and getting that bird’s eye view is well worth the exercise involved.

The Forgotten Coast’s rich coastal past and maritime history will fascinate both history buffs and the curious alike. Print here or take these free self-guided tour brochures from any of our area visitors centers, and immerse yourself in the picturesque and charming atmosphere of the Forgotten Coast.