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Independence Day Weekend:  Forgotten Coast Festivities

By Forgotten Coast Web Team | June 4, 2021

USA Flag and State of Florida Flag

If you are on the Forgotten Coast this Independence Day weekend, you are in for loads of fun and celebration! Last year’s festivities were canceled, and this year the Forgotten Coast will be making up for the lost time. We’ve put together a list of need-to-know information to assist you in an exciting and safe weekend of merrymaking.

  1. Live Music – Check our events calendar for a live music schedule. Most of our outdoor restaurants and bars will be featuring live music all weekend, and all of our bars and restaurants will be lively and full this weekend. Just like the rest of the country, we are experiencing an overall shortage of restaurant staff. Please be kind and generous to those choosing to work this busy holiday weekend.
  2. Friday, July 2—The Community Redevelopment Agency and the City of Carrabelle puts on an exciting firework show on Friday at dark in downtown Carrabelle. But, that’s not all. Prior to the fireworks, at 7 pm, there will be a Golfcart, Bike, Scooter Parade on Marine Street. Decorate your “vehicle” and celebrate in Carrabelle before the spectacular fireworks display.
  3. Saturday, July 3 –Apalachicola’s 17th Annual Red, White, and Blue Parade sponsored by Franklin’s Promise Coalition and the Conservation Corps of the Forgotten Coast begins at 6:30 pm at Lafayette Park. Streamers, decorations, and placards for participants to display the name of a veteran they would like to honor are provided. The parade ends at Riverfront Park, just in time for Apalachicola Main Street’s Independence Eve Celebration. You can enjoy live music, food trucks, a veteran’s tribute, a performance of the National Anthem, and the Apalachicola Blues Authority playing live music. You’ll want to bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on to watch the patriotic fireworks display.
  4. Sunday, July 4 – St. George Island has its own celebrations like the Wet and Wild Golf Cart Parade and a stunning fireworks display on the beach in front of the Blue Parrot. Swing by for delicious fresh seafood, drinks from the tiki bar, music, and great company. Keep in mind that you can see the fireworks for miles down the beach if you don’t want to huddle in close.
  5. Beach, Beach, Beach – If you are wondering about specific rules for the beach, here they are. Remember, this is one of the busiest weekends of the summer. Please follow our rules, and we can all safely and happily co-exist on the beaches.
    1. Follow the beach safety flag warnings—don’t swim with Red or double Red flags.
    2. Yes, you can have alcohol on the public beach but no glass containers.
    3. Dogs must be on a leash.
    4. You will be expected to pack in and pack out. Franklin County will be strictly enforcing the Leave No Trace ordinance.
    5. Regarding parking, make sure you are not parallel parked in front of someone’s home. You must park in a designated parking area.
    6. Fireworks: typically, personal fireworks are frowned on.  However, the State of Florida allows personal fireworks on the 4th of July.  Take yourself down to the beach and put on your own show!  (Please remember to clean up any fireworks debris.)
    7. Drinking and driving: Often, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department sets up roadblocks on Independence Day Weekend.  They want to keep you safe.  Don’t drink and drive.  (FYI: drinking and driving on a golf cart is considered drinking and driving.)

Independence Day Celebrations are back. For summer’s biggest holiday, there is no better place to be than on the Forgotten Coast.


Photo Credit:  Instagram @davidcameronsmith