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Discover Birder’s Bliss on The Forgotten Coast

By Forgotten Coast Web Team | November 14, 2018

Woman in woods looking for birds

If you’re a bird-watching enthusiast, fall is the perfect time to break out your binoculars and head down to Florida’s Forgotten Coast! As cooler temps drive flocks south, birders can catch a glimpse of an array of beautiful birds in our area. From ducks, loons and other striking water birds to more exotic feathered friends, you never know what you might spy from your spotting scope.

As a variety of birds migrate from the north this time of year, they are followed by a massive gathering of raptors preying on them. Whether you’re a birding pro or a bird-watching newbie, it’s an impressive sight for everyone. This annual fall migration typically peaks after the first cold front of September and continues through mid-November. Throughout autumn, birders in our area often encounter warblers, Peregrine Falcons, hawks and Bald Eagles.

If you miss the fall migration rush, not to worry! During the winter months, Franklin County is home to many “snow birds” that enjoy our relatively warm waters, including ducks, loons and other water bird guests. Our region also attracts a few tropical and colorful guests like the Buff-bellied Hummingbird and Tropical Kingbird.

The Forgotten Coast also offers marvelous sightseeing opportunities for butterfly buffs. Each fall, you can spot a range of butterfly families in Franklin County, from swallowtails, whites and sulphurs to Metalmarks, Skippers and Brush-footed butterflies, which include the beautiful Monarch.

Whether you prefer to watch from the beach, the bay, in one of our many parks, beneath the majestic oaks of Apalachicola or anywhere in between, Florida’s Forgotten Coast is truly birder’s paradise!

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