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Geocache Basics

Geocaching, which combines the terms "geographical" and "cache," is an outdoor adventure that sends seekers on a treasure hunt for a containers of trinkets and prizes. Participants use a Global Positioning System receiver (GPSr) to hide and seek containers called "geocaches" or "caches." A typical cache is a waterproof container containing a logbook.

Geocaching opportunities abound in Franklin County. According to Groundspeak, the organizer of the game, (, there are nearly 200 geocache sites in our forests and towns and dotting the coast between Alligator Point and The western edge of Franklin County. Around the world, there are more than 1.2 million geocaches registered with Groundspeak including five in Antarctica and two on Easter Island.

In Franklin County, local enthusiasts report that the size of the caches range from "nanos", which can be smaller than a fingertip, to ammo cans.

Caches are rated by the difficulty level in locating them and also in terrain difficulty in accessing them. Difficulty ratings range from 1 to 5 ­ "1" is a geocache out in the open which can be accessed by wheelchair and "5" which requires special tools, knowledge and physical endurance to retrieve the cache.

Each cache is identified by a waypoint designation which indicates the serial number assigned to the cache by the official geocache registry at Groundspeak. On websites such as, a cache may be pulled up by entering either the name of the Geocache (if known), the waypoint, or by typing in a zip code in the area in which you wish to seek.

A Sampling of Franklin County Geocaches

  • Big Mike's Hollywood's Finest is a regular cache in Carrabelle: difficulty rating 1, terrain rating 1.5, waypoint designation GC10H03.
  • Boo is a nano in Apalachicola: difficulty rating 2.5, terrain rating 1, waypoint designation GCZ3ZE.
  • Fish Man's Cache is a large cache in Eastpoint: difficulty rating 1, terrain rating 1, waypoint designation GC10Z55.
  • Ghosts is small cache near Womack Creek difficulty rating 1.5, terrain rating 1.5, waypoint designation GC1VT3K.
  • The Ghost of Thomas Orman is a full-sized cache with a double one rating hidden in the heart of Apalachicola GC392QK.
  • The Old Haunted Crab Factory difficulty 1, terrain 1.5 is a favorite among visitors GCZ10T.
  • The World’s Smallest Police Station is a micro at a popular local landmark. Double one rated and named a favorite by 22 visitors GC10GZR.

Geocaching is one of dozens of resource-based activities that will draw visitors to the coast. Traditionally, fishing, hiking and canoeing or kayaking are big draws for the natural coast. For a complete list of recreational activities in the county, visit our events page.

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